Contact Elected Representatives

It greatly benefits both us and our elected representatives if we take the time to contact them and let them know how we feel about issues and pending votes on legislation. Lobbyists and special interest groups routinely make their wishes known to elected officials, but their preferences may or may not reflect majority public opinion. Our representatives in the state legislature and the U.S. Congress want to be in touch with their constituents regarding the issues being debated and legislation scheduled for a vote. The information below will help you help you identify those who represent you in the Minnesota Legislature and the U.S. Congress and enable to contact them by phone or e-mail.

Maximizing the effectiveness of your communication:

  • Study the issue or legislation carefully and know the facts
  • Make your presentation organized and brief
  • Remain respectful even if you passionately disagree with the representative's vote or position

Contacting your Senator or Representative at the Minnesota Legislature or U.S. Congress:

If you do not know the name of your representatives at the Minnesota Legislature or U.S. Congress you can find that information at the District Finder at this Web address:

If you know who represents you at the Minnesota Legislature of U.S. Congress you can find information about contacting them at these Web sites:

Additional information